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New Practical Driving Test from October 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1)Q- When Is the new test due to start?
A- October 4th 2010

2)Q- How many manouevres will I do on the new test?
A- Just 1 manouevre on the new test from October 2010.

3)Q- What are the manouevres?
  • Turn In the road

  • Reverse around a corner

  • Parallel Reverse Park

  • Reverse into a parking Bay

  • 4)Q- Will I do an emergency stop?
    A- Not always.

    5)Q- How many minor faults can commit and still pass?
    A- 15.

    6)Q- Where can I find out the show me tell me questions?

    7)Q- How long will the independent driving section last?
    A- About 10 minutes. This may be one long section or divided into two sections with a stop in between for new instructions.

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